We’d be fools not to acknowledge the stigma that surrounds refurbished goods. The best thing we can do is accept it and address it accordingly. So, here’s our guide on the top 5 reasons you should buy a refurbished phone rather than a new or second-hand phone.

Better Quality than Second-Hand Phones

Every refurbished phone that is sold by a credible retailer will have been through an extensive inspection and testing process, regardless of the condition that it was provided in to the retailer.

This simply isn’t true of second-hand phones, which are sold in the condition that their last owner left them. This means that any issues with second-hand devices can then be passed on to their new owner, sometimes providing an unpleasant surprise.

Cheaper than Brand New Phones

Perhaps the clearest advantage of refurbished phones is that they are more affordable than brand new models.

This discount occurs as it is legally impossible for any refurbished phone to be sold or described as 'new'. However, this diminished price tag in no way reflects the quality of the phone itself, meaning that you can potentially pick up an excellent product at a very attractive price point.

Much Better for the Environment

As consumers, we don't always give due consideration to the environmental impact of the products that we buy and utilise. But mobile phones, and indeed all consumer electronics products, have a significant impact on the environment, as well as using up resources that are ultimately finite.

By purchasing a refurbished phone, however, you are ensuring that the device in question stays out of landfill sites, and thus does not directly cause any environmental damage.

Furthermore, as you are buying a product that has already been created and used, you are minimising the carbon footprint associated with your mobile phone, as well as cutting down on damage caused by materials such as plastics.

Avoid Hardware Issues

It's often tempting to rush straight out and buy the latest and shiniest gadget, as soon as it's announced. Millions of consumers indeed do this every year, and it must be said that many of them experience no problems whatsoever. However, this isn't always the case.

Smartphones have become extremely complicated, and many of the biggest smartphone releases have been plagued with major hardware issues. You only need to Google 'bendgate', to discover why a refurbished iPhone might be better than a brand new one. But other smartphone releases have also set on fire, exploded, and experienced several other less dramatic hardware issues.

None of these apply to refurbished phones, as any major hardware issues have been ironed out by the manufacturer long before their owners trade in and the process of refurbishment begins. So by opting for a refurbished smartphone, you eliminate the possibility that you will experience worrying hardware problems.

Post-Purchase Service

Finally, another major advantage of refurbished phones is the post-purchase service that you will receive from the retailer. You can expect a full 90-day warranty period for any refurbished product, which will give you plenty of opportunity to ensure that your product is functioning to an acceptable standard.

When you couple this with the fact that refurbished phones are less likely to suffer from software and hardware errors in the first place, it stands to reason that you can purchase a refurbished phone with considerable peace of mind.


By purchasing a refurbished phone, you could potentially get your hands on a cheaper piece of kit, which works better and more reliably than a brand new phone, and certainly more so than a second-hand device. Plus, a 90-day return policy is also included. In many ways, when purchasing a refurbished phone, you often have little to lose and everything to gain.